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About Nyjah Huston

HI bwooh! :)
1 more about me, i like skateboard and iam a skateborder girl :9 with my friend. one of the most skateborder i like is "NYJAH HUSTON"!! :DD he's so Wonderfull! (he's handsome too :p)
Now i want to tell you about NYJAH HUSTON
Nyjah Huston has undeniably become one of the most remarkable and phenomenal street skaters to watch in a short period of time. After learning to skate at the young age of 5, Nyjah continues to eat, live, and breathe skateboarding to this day. He has had all eyes on him since he burst onto the skate scene at the young age of 9 and won the legendary Tampa Am event at only 10 years old. By the age of 11, Nyjah became the youngest ever X Games competitor. In 2010, he was crowned as the inaugural Street League Skateboard Champion, and in 2011 he won his first X Games gold medal. Nyjah’s consistency and distinguished skills make him the one to beat as he relentlessly skates his way to the top of world class skateboard competitions.

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